The continued development of both minimally invasive procedures and imaging technologies led to the development of the hybrid operating room

A Hybrid Operatin room combines a conventional operating room with an imaging system – MRI, CT scan or angiography systems.

This hybrid operating room makes it possible to simultaneously reach a diagnosis and provide treatment during surgical interventions, in particular for cardiovascular surgeries.

The design of the hybrid room must take into account the recommendations of the multidisciplinary teams working on the choice of equipment and its implementation:

  • Interventional cardiologists and surgeons
  • Anesthetists
  • Nurses
  • Radiologists
  • Perfusionists
  • Radio manipulators, etc.

The configuration of the ceiling of a hybrid room must be studied in such a way as to prevent the collision of equipment such as:

–  The C-arm

  The suspended equipment (monitor, screens, lights, pendants, beams…)

The ATA laminar air flow ceilings adapt to any room configuration and meet surgeon specific needs by creating a clean area around the patient, medical staff and equipment. Our laminar air flow ceilings are mainly used with our CLINICAIR® air handling units, but can also be adapted to all other brand.

The ceilings are dedicated to operating theaters in order to comply with the ISO 5 class (in accordance with EN ISO 14644-1). According to its use, the hybrid operating room, can also be requested in risk 3, ISO 7. The ATA hybrid laminar air flow ceilings therefore meets all expectations, including those in risk 3:

 Caractéristiques du plafond hybride
 Production RAL 9010 epoxy coated steel sheet
 Diffusion  By double fabric layer and semi circular diffusers in perforated stainless steel RAL9010 coated.
 Lighting LED RGBW watertight IP67, 24V voltage with wall control board
 Dimensions  Custom made / according to the project specification
 Filtration HEPA 14
 Maintenance Access openings for filters maintenance and cleaning
 Options  Decontamination technology Bioxigen® in the duct, between the AHU and the laminar air flow ceiling for an efficient microbiologic decontamination.
 Mounting and installation  Mounting on site, according to the NF EN ISO 898-1 and NF EN 20898-2 standards. Mounting and installation according to ATA MEDICAL setting-up notice.