General Hospital of Sens –  Sens city

On May 15, 2019, our last Clinicair air handling unit and laminar air flow ceiling were installed at Sens General Hospital. The configuration of the air treatment equipment fits here perfectly to a direct integration in the operating  room – our choices were to offer:

  • T2 / TB1 configuration to reduce the noise level,
  • White exterior and interior panels for a hygienic design (aesthetics and easy disinfection),
  • Pressure gauge with needle for pressure display. 

We congratulate our partner G3C, who did the installation: the customer is satisfied, the blocks are now ready for use.

Oncology department – Tenon Hospital – APHP group

On January 30th opened the new oncology department of the APHP Tenon Hospital to which ATA is proud to have participated for the supply of 5 Hygiene UTA to treat the 4 Chambers of Oncology in ISO 7 Risk 3 and the post ISO 8 Risk 2. An important achievement in the business development with the APHP user.

Sport Center “L’île du Pont” –  Neuilly – Near Paris.

As part of their CPE (Energy Performance Contract) with the city of Neuilly, COFELY ENGIE was forced to reduce by 30{01e3c5e93231d16e008ef94f2b1d6fd0127ff363a7cc717001d1444d838f865e} the energy consumption of the city sports center.

ATA intervenes to propose a vertical double flow UTA solution, with the introduction of a high efficiency rotary exchanger on the fresh air allowing to recover a maximum of calories on the rejected air.

Clinic Saint Hilaire – Rouen – France

For the renovation of 4 ISO 7 risk 3 operating rooms, ATA provided 2 DOPAIR-type mobile recyclers equipped with water-cooled chillers to ensure the continuity of services in 50{01e3c5e93231d16e008ef94f2b1d6fd0127ff363a7cc717001d1444d838f865e} of the rooms. This cost effective solution overcame the shutdown of the existing air handling unit, disassembly of it and the manufacturing period of the 4 CLINICAIR  (one AHU for air treatment recycling with only 6 vol / h of fresh air regulation).

ATA has for the first time integrated a Johnson Controls brand Bacnet IP web server control system allowing a unique graphic view development for the BMS and for the touchpad display on the front of the machine.

Nuclear medicine center – Quimper

The Quimper nuclear medicine center chose our CLINICAIR solution, the hygienic air conditioning and air conditioning cabinet to equip its laboratory.

Laboratory Wyjolab – Veterinary Clinic of Chaillac

The Wyjolab laboratory at the Chaillac Veterinary Clinic is equipped with a CLINICAIR hygienic air conditioning and air conditioning cabinet and a laminar ceiling.

Forcilles Hospital – Ferolles Atilly

The Ferilles Atilly Forcilles Hospital will soon equip its MRI department with a TOP TOP air conditioning cabinet and hydraulic equipment.

Rhena Hospital – Strasbourg

Having a problem related to the quality of the air, the Rhena hospital in Strasbourg has acquired CLINICAIR to equip the medical imaging (MRI) and sterilization service. The CLINICAIR solution has responded perfectly to their needs, allowing them to benefit from an increasingly qualitative air in their services, and especially to avoid any risk of contamination.

The CLINICAIR solution, comprises 3 ranges designed and developed to treat and guarantee, with precision and continuity, the air quality conditions in healthcare establishments in which the control of contamination is the major issue.

Center Henri Becquerel – Rouen

The Henri Becquerel center in Rouen has chosen the CLINICAIR hygienic air handling unit to equip the operating rooms and sterilized rooms. An effective solution to fight nosocomial infections and meets the most demanding specifications requiring implantation in the operating room.

The Henri Becquerel Center also benefits from the range of laminar flow ceilings. A solution that provides effective protection against any risk of aerobiocontamination.

CH Comminges Pyrénées of Saint Gaudens

The Saint Gaudens Comminges Pyrenees Hospital Center has chosen to improve the air quality of its sterilization service by using the DOPAIR solution. It is a mobile unit for air decontamination, particularly recommended for risk areas in health facilities.

This solution is suitable for use in risk areas 2 and 3 and achieves the expected performance for ISO6 and ISO7 (NF EN ISO 14644-1)

BIO 3  (Orléans)

The CLINICAIR 3 range, a Hygiene cabinet for Air Treatment and Air Conditioning, offers innovative solutions for air treatment and air conditioning in hazardous areas. Thus, the French Institute of Bio Drugs and Cosmetic Bioactives (BIO 3), located in Orleans, opted for this solution to meet the most important requirements of hyper aseptic environments.