CTMP – Isolated transport chamber

CTMP is a transport chamber which protects the patient or the external environment from any cross contamination that could occur during land or air transport.

The chamber can operate in negative or positive pressure mode:

Negative pressure: to transport infected patients or patients suspected of biological contaminations such as : COVID-19, viral hemorrhagic fever, SRAS (severe acute respiratory syndrome), smallpox, tuberculosis, meningitis, Ebola, etc.

Positive pressure : for protection and transport of immuno-compromised patients : bubble child, aplasia, etc.


CTMP provides a stress-free transportation:

  • For medical staff in charge of transport who is protected against any risk of contamination
  • For the ambulance driver who does not need to wear any special protective outfit and to disinfect the vehicle
  • For hospital reception staff who can safely take care of the patient without any risk of contamination of the premises or other patients and who can easily clean the chamber.