30 years of experience in the hygienic air treatment

ATA offers reliable products, developed by an engineering department with more than 30 years of experience.

Good ideas require excellent implementation, perfect processing and precise knowledge of materials. To be successful in this combination, from the manufacturing to the assembly of the product, we show great flexibility, we use a clear hierarchical structure, with qualified staff and advanced manufacturing technologies.

ATA also offers a large range of services to its partners : Audit, training and maintenance contract, in order to ensure its users to get the most from their equipment.

Hygiene and security compliance

Our air handling units are specially designed to be installed in controlled areas that must comply yo hygienic standards, such as NFS 90351, DIN EN 1886.

The advantage of an installation close to the area means a better risk management, but also implies the use of specific components :

– Double skin casing to reduce cross contamination (e.g: CLINICAIR® 3 is classified L1 for negative pressure and L2 for positive pressure according to EN 1886 standard).

– Diamond-shaped stainless steel condensate tray to avoid water stagnation.

– CLINICAIR 1b or 3 lower base can be lifted, or covered, to prevent dust accumulation.

– Batteries with no risk of water carry-over.

Compact dimension to reduce the installation constraints 

Our air handling unit dimensions can be easily installed in small areas and reduce time and installation costs. This aspect therefore offers many other advantages, among them:

– Up to 75{01e3c5e93231d16e008ef94f2b1d6fd0127ff363a7cc717001d1444d838f865e} technical floorspace reduction compared to an equivalent

air handling unit.

-Reduction of duct network and easier maintenance.

-Less duct clogging which are shorter than a basic installation

-“Plug & Play” solution.

-Allows construction phasing (e.g: frame height of the CLINICAIR® 3 enables

the fitting through a standard door).

– Adapts to specific constraints of any type of the building.

The installation of a air handling unit closer to the controlled area will bring a better control of the air treatment. The regulation done by our controler will provide results more precise, necessary in controlled spaces.

Selection of the best equipment to optimize energy consumption

Air Handling Units CLINICAIR have the best equipment to offer conform results according to norm standards DIN EN 1886 or DIN EN 1946. Those results will have a direct impact on energy consumption, and will therefore increase long term savings. Air Handling Units includes among many equipment:

-A structure certified T2/TB1 by TUV

-Single inlet motorised impeller unit with low energy consumption (EEF1).

-Polypropylene filters with low pressure drop (for CLINICAIR® 1b and as an option for CLINICAIR® 3 and 4).

-Free-cooling regulation.

-Optimized coil and frame sizing to reduce air pressure drop.

The possibility of maintenance and remote management thanks to a powerful programmable controller 

Our Air Handling Units range prove their efficiency and their precision thanks to their regulation. The machine controler can manage different options at the same time. ATA provides, through this controler, different options of remote management, which gives the opportunity to preview at any time :

-The right parameters of the AHU working principle

-The parameters of the controlled area (temperature, relative humidity, pressure)

-Alarms that could be generated.

In addition of this remote control, a maintenance and traceability system can be organised, in order to:

– Receive maintenance alarms by e-mail , monitor their clearance, and in case of non answer, reorient the message to another agent.

– Annually audit the furnished equipment and establish an audit report that precises the future technical operation to do.

– Guarantee the equipment up to 20 years.

– Save the data thanks to VPN secured connexions and stock them on a data center.

– Distance support for the hospital, company, or maintenance society.

Virtual tour of an operating room at 360°

ISO 5 Classified room

Application samples: Hyper aseptic rooms, Orthopedics, neurosurgery…

Explore the inside of a surgery room through a virtual 360° visit. Notice the ATA medical equipment :  

  • CLINICAIR® compact hygienic AHU, installed inside the room.
  • Air intake though the CLINICAIR® front grill, and also through a corner air intake column in the opposite side
  • Air diffusion through a laminar airflow ceiling low speed, equipped with double stretched canvas, with LED lights