The air conditioners belonging to the “SA” series have been specifically designed and manufactured for medical application of air conditioning where the handling almost exclusively sensible heat loads is a fundamental requirement as the high filtration capacity.
The typical applications are, medical laboratories, CAT and MR scanners, as well as any other application both of small or large dimension, where the sensible heat load must be dissipated without modifying the relative humidity.

The series, which can be up-flow with side down-flow air return channel, are built for connection to a remote condensing unit SA, or to a chilled water system SC and offers a large range of accessories and variations in design, allowing for maximum flexibility in the use of the units.
The overall noise level of the units is maintained at a low level by the use of of the last generation of the “Plug-In” type centrifugal fans used and the face area of the coils, the sandwich panels and the high density rockwool internal insulation.
The units are designed to present the smallest footprint possible, reducing the cost of the occupied floor space, and full frontal access for easy inspection and service.


  • Temperature control
  • Humidity control
  • Air renewal and air decontamination (filtration) – Filtration F9 and F7
  • Air flow speed up 10 000/ 15 000 m3/h according to specifications.

Main technical specifications:

  • Casing in galvanized steel sheet having appropriate thickness.
  • Supply fan : EC plug in type for low energy consumption.
  • Condensate dry pan in stainless steel.
  • Cooling capacity : from 4 kW to 120 kW (1 or 2 circuits).
  • Cooling system : direct expansion (SA) or chilled water (SC system).
  • User interface to display : temperature, parameters, control key board, alarms, on/off safety switch..
  • Operating electronic management via microprocessor.