Medic@cloud: Intelligence at the service of Operating Rooms

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Access and remotely control all parameters of your operating rooms, see all technical and administrative information of the operating rooms in real time…  Result of almost 10 years of research, medic@cloud is the only multimedia platform that reunites and surrounds the health security conditions of the operating room.

Medic@cloud is a cloud-hosted platform that allows the various users of an operating room to have easy and intuitive access to O.R. management.  It allows to control at distance the settings of the HVAC machine :

  • Access to operating parameters and regulation
  • Paperless traceability and recording of variables
  • Alarms sent by email
  • Analysis of equipment and identification of malfunctions

To  supervise operating room parameters :

  • Dynamic supervision of all parameters
  • Control and access to written instructions
  • Permanent data saving on secure server
  • Data extraction in different formats

Reactive and Predictive Maintenance

Monitoring the parameters of the decontamination units in the O.R. helps anticipate where possible instances of wear and tear may occur and predict a failure before it happens.



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