Rhena Hospital (Strasbourg)

The hospital Rhena in Strasbourg has acquired CLINICAIR  to equip both  the Medical Imaging Department (MRI) and the sterilization Department to solve the problem related to the air quality.

The CLINICAIR solution fully meets their interests, allowing them to benefit an increasingly  satisfactory air quality in their services, especially to prevent any risk of contamination.

The CLINICAIR solution includes 3 ranges designed and developed to ensure with accuracy and continuity, the quality of air in areas where air contamination is the major issue.

Centre Henri Becquerel  (Rouen)

The hospital center Henri Becquerel of Rouen chose CLINICAIR Hygienic Air Handling unit to equip operating rooms and sterile rooms.  An effective solution to fight against healthcare-associated infections, which corresponds to all requirements of hospital.

The hospital Henri Becquerel also benefits from the range of laminar flow ceiling. This solution provides an effective protection against the risk of aerobiocontamination.

CH Comminges Pyrénées de Saint Gaudens

The Hospital center Comminges Pyrenees in Saint Gaudens chose to improve the air quality of the sterilization department, using DOPAIR solution. It is a mobile air decontamination units that does not need any installation work to meet the requirement regarding air treatment in critical areas of hospitals.

DOPAIR can reach performances expected for ISO 6 and ISO 7 areas (NF EN ISO 14644-1)

BIO 3  (Orléans)

The range CLINICAIR 3, Hygienic Air Handling Units offer innovative solutions for air treatment and air conditioning in risk areas.

The French Institute of Bio drugs and cosmetics  research (BIO 3), located in Orleans, opts for this solution to fully meet the requirements of aseptic environments.