Binh Duong Hospital, Vietnam

A new 2019 reference in Vietnam thanks to our partner SAGOMED, ​​who recently installed a DOPAIR mobile unit and a CLINICAIR 1B air handling unit in operating rooms. Founded in 2012, Binh Duong Hospital is a multi-specialty hospital located in Binh Duong province where is contiguous with Ho Chi Minh city. 

Our compact Clinicair 1B air handling unit is currently installed in one of their operating theaters, to ensure an ISO 7: the air is supplied through the plenum, located at the top of the unit, and will be intake by front by the grid provided with filters. 

Thanks to a low noise level, and 99.99% decontamination, the installation satisfies Hospital teams who were then facing infection problems. For more information on this type of direct installation in room, do not hesitate to contact us. 

Hospital Materno Infantil – Lapaz – Bolivia

Our first installation in Bolivia took place a few months ago, at the Mother and Children’s Hospital of La Paz: thanks to its compact dimensions and its low noise level, the Clinicair 1B was the perfect solution for this intensive care room.

To validate the ISO 5, we adjusted our offer with a laminar ceiling of 1.2×2.2m: the speed of 0.3 m/s allows to have a homogeneous diffusion of the air, and thus avoids turbulences which could bother the patients.

Lasik and Eye Clinic – AL RAYYAN, Qatar

We are happy to announce our first mobile unit DOPAIR installed in Qatar, for an Ophtalmic Clinic in Al Rayyan.

The Royal Spanish Center is a healthcare entity expertise in the field of laser vision correction, Eye Care & other eye disorders.
Since Dr. Tamer Salem launched it in 2008, he has worked towards its vision to be the trusted and leading healthcare entity in Lasik vision correction surgeries in UAE and Qatar.

We would like to thank our partner for this first reference.

Ho Chi Minh Children Hospital – Vietnam

The hospital, on Binh Chanh district, HCMC, started building almost 2 years ago with investment of some VND 4,200 billion. ATA was pleased to provide 20 AHU Clinicair 3 and 26 laminar air flow ceilings for Oncology department.

This is the first Children’s Hospital that is equipped with modern facilities. Especially, the Pediatric Oncology sector of the HCMC Children’s Hospital for the first time has a nuclear medicine department and radiotherapy department to only treat children.

We thank our partner for this first achievement and for his trust!

Namur Esthetic Clinic – Belgium

ATA is pleased to present its first Clinicair reference in the operating room, with laminar ceiling on the city of Namur – in Belgium.

The Clinicair 3 – 2RDS made it possible to answer the main problems of this project which were: the space available for the installation of the equipment and the sound level in the room.

The air handling unit, directly linked to the laminar ceiling with HEPA 14 filters, provides ISO 5 compliance under flow: parameters such as temperature, relative humidity and pressure, are also shown on the control screen. touch installed at the entrance to the room.

Churchill Hospital – New Zealand

The first ATA MEDICAL laminar ceiling was installed in New Zealand early this year.

At Churchill Hospital, this laminar flow custom made to accommodate both ceiling operating lamps on its ends, provides an ISO 5 to protect the patient and the medical team.

We thank our partner for this first achievement!

Lausanne CHUV – Switzerland

Since February 2017, 16 Clinicair installed in technical gallery are in operation for the equipment of the new complementary block at the Lausanne University Hospital (Switzerland).

Built on two floors, ATA had to face different issues for the construction of these 16 ISO 5 operating theaters:
– Adapt to the modular structure on a collaborative floor – imposing a limited floor load.
– Integrate a technical solution of 10 000m3 / h in technical gallery.
– Adapt the connection of ducts to architectural constraints.

Thanks to the customized ducting (left and right recovery of the unit), the Clinicair studied for this project fit perfectly into the wall design of the block, and achieve the ISO 5 performance according to the SICCV105 standard. Internal traps in the air handling units reduce network congestion while ensuring the required acoustic attenuation

 Kan Tha Yar Hospital – Myanmar

ATA was pleased to participate in the Kan Tha Yar Hospital project – for the Intensive Care department.

The specialized Hospital is located at No. 87 near the Inya Lake Dam on Pyay Road in Yangon.
It is specialized and equipped with an outpatient cardiology service, an outpatient nephropology service, a cardiology department, a hemodialysis service, a cardiac intensive care unit, emergency and operating rooms.
Inaugurated in December 2017, more than 30 surgeries were performed in May in the operating rooms provided.