ATA filter ceilings provide effective protection against contamination and are dedicated to operating theaters to achieve ISO 5 room classification. They create a clean area around the patient, medical staff and equipment.

ATA laminar ceilings are mainly used with our Clinicair range of air handling cabinets – offering up to one year of HEPA 14 filter life with this 100% hygiene system.

Our ceilings can also be used with air handling cabinets from other manufacturers.

Characteristics :

Available in different rectangular sizes to fit all types of rooms
Installation and replacement of facilitated filters
Central passage intended for operative lighting
The ATA Medical advantages:

Integrated LED lighting
Stretched canvas for more uniform air diffusion
Integration of the Bioxigen system for the destruction of microorganisms
PGD ​​Touch wall control panel with many parameters related to the Clinicair cabinet.


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