Refrigerant fluides : a strategic choice

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Refrigerants are substances used in cooling systems (refrigeration and air conditioning) because of their thermodynamic properties. They have the peculiarity, when they change their physical state (vapor liquid), of absorbing heat. They can be exploited in a cycle of compression and relaxation to produce cold or hot. The refrigerants are chosen according to their evaporation temperature (generally rather low), the pressures related to the change of physical state (low during evaporation, high during condensation), and especially the amount of energy they can absorb.

The efficiency of air conditioning equipment is strongly related to the choice of refrigerant fluids; Among the alternatives used in this sector, we know three fluids: R410A, R134a and R407C.

R407C, one of the most used gases, is a harmless mixture of ozone of three HFC refrigerants (R32, R125, R134A). It has been designed to best match the pressure and performance of the very common R22 to allow a smooth transition from R22 to R407

This refrigerant gas is still widely used for a reason of practicality: ATA Medical however has chosen the technical advance to offer better solutions to its customers.
While this change required technical modifications to our solutions because today, all our solutions are proposed with a cooling system with direct expansion operating at R410A.

For what reasons ?

  1. Its specifications
    R410A is a mixture of two HFC refrigerants (R32, R125) that do not harm the ozone layer; its global warming potential PRG (GWP) = 2088, is close to R407C which is 1725.
  2. Its high energy efficiency.
    It reaches performance levels up to 50% higher than those of the R407C.
  3. Cooling capacity per unit volume.
    Its high efficiency makes it possible to use smaller components and make more compact machines.
    We know how much space is scarce in healthcare facilities today.

Our current solutions therefore make it possible to provide more efficient cooling power, thanks to a gas that is available worldwide; necessary for maintenance operations.

Our main goal is to adapt our solutions to Asian, African and South American markets, which have very different atmospheric conditions than Europe.
ATA Medical is always concerned about customer needs: we would be happy to study other technical solutions for your project!

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