Candida Auris : how to prevent from infection ?

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What is Candida Auris? How can we fight against this fungus? What are the results of the ATA Units?

Candida auris is a yeast species, identified for the first time in 2009 from an isolated strain of the outer ear in a Japanese patient. Candida auris may be responsible for candidiasis, which is often acquired in hospitals by immunocompromised patients. It is capable of causing invasive candidiasis by infecting the bloodstream, central nervous system and internal organs. C. auris is often multi-resistant to common antifungals.

« Not reassuring all that, » « it’s scary, » « terrible, » « A new AIDS? « … The recent warning about the emergence of Candida auris, a microscopic mushroom that has caused recent epidemics and deaths in several hospitals around the world, has not stopped reacting.

In the last five years, this germ, which is highly resistant to existing drugs and whose name was previously unknown to the general public, has spread to a neonatal unit in Venezuela and other institutions in India, Pakistan and South Africa. . But while the Royal Brompton Hospital in London had to be closed for ten days in 2016 to be decontaminated, and that 372 people were infected between 2016 and 2017 in a hospital in Valencia, Spain, the question of a possible spread in France interrogates. (1)

What about ATA solutions ?

We had our F7 + H14 filtration chain tested on yeast « Candida Albicans » which is the most widespread, we obtained 99,973% disinfection (Result Virnext Test report: ATA20140305E3 Lyon, 05/03/14) with our mobile units of purification.

VirNext is a technological platform of services and innovation whose objectives are to meet the scientific and technological needs of industrialists in Virology / Microbiology. VirNext specializes in the evaluation of physical, chemical and biological technologies for the decontamination of indoor air and surfaces as well as technologies for the depollution / disinfection of water and effluents.

VirNext has implemented experimental procedures to evaluate the effectiveness of the « Room Dopair / Dopair » filtration system to decontaminate a confined space with molds using the Candida yeast strain.

Conclusion after study:

The « Room Dopair / Dopair » system developed by the ATA-Medical company decontaminates a confined space of 2.5 m3 in 5 minutes associated with efficiencies of 99.973% and 99.467% respectively for Candida yeasts and for mold Aspergillus fumigatus. The « Room Dopair / Dopair » system is used to decontaminate the air in a confined space containing yeasts and molds.

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