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Since 1987, ATA has been developing innovative solutions in the treatment of air hygiene.

  • Hygienic Air Handling Unit
  • Laminar ceiling
  • Mobile units

Every year we invest in research and development, 2019 still announces new products and new options on our products. In the same way we are investing for a national and international presence, 2018 has allowed us to make many exhibitions: IHF, Medica Düsseldorf, then we will participate in 2019 in ARAB HEALTH Dubai and Hospitalar in Sao paulo. We meet new working partners, essential support for the development of our brand.

1.Research and development
The ATA laminar ceiling is getting a new look with a solution to display the parameters of use. We now integrate a Touch PDG touch screen for the following:

Display of:
. Temperature
. Humidity
. In-room pressure
. Clogging of the filters

Control of:
. Temperature +/- 3 ° C
. LED integrated ceiling lighting
. Working mode of the Clinicair

What is the idea?
Simply have a better traceability of the conditions in room and a better management of the maintenance of the filters.

How to know if the filters are dirty?
It was necessary to compute filters inside the laminar ceiling via a DOP plug, now the integrated probes provide instantaneous information and alert the user via an alarm the evolution of the fouling until the filters change. .

The mobile units also evolve, the new generation Dopair will release Mi 2019 with a flow up to 2500m3/h that will allow us to manage larger rooms in ISO6 /7.

2. Our exhibitions

Exhibition Ingénieurs Hospitaliers de France :
IHF has around 350 members, engineers and architects, mainly from the technical services of healthcare institutions. The main areas of activity of IHF members are property management, architecture, operations management, maintenance, electricity, and HVAC engineering. We will participate every year, 2018 was a good year, on the way to IHF 2019

MEDICA Dusselforf: the most important international exhibition of the medical sector.
The fair took place from 12 to 15 November 2018. 5,273 exhibitors from 66 countries and an international share of over 80% signify a new record for MEDICA. ATA was present as every year, the opportunity to meet our European and African partners and to continue on our international development.

Arab Health Dubai: 
The show will take place from January 26 to 31, 2019. 4150 exhibitors from 160 countries and a visit rate of more than 80,000 people, in short, a must-attend event for ATA, which will be there every year, an opportunity to meet our partners from the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific.
Sao Paulo Hospital
Hospitalar is recognized as the most important showcase of the national and international market of the South American medical market, an ideal space for launching and presenting innovative products, solutions and services. The opportunity for ATA to discuss projects with our partners in the area.
ATA continues to grow, thanks to our state-of-the-art hygiene products and above all a desire to go further and higher. We will continue our efforts to stay in touch with our customers’ concerns and keep in mind that our products help save lives around the world.
ATA, a story, a know-how, a team.

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