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Equipment provided by ATA: – (Qty: 6) Hygienic air treatment units for ISO 5 and ISO 7 environment.

Project: Kan Tha Yar Hospital – Yangon – Myanmar for 6 operating rooms in ICU department.

The specialist hospital is located at No 87 near the bund of Inya Lake at 6½-mile on Pyay Road in Yangon.
The hospital, as a one-stop service centre, provides comprehensive health care services for heart and kidney patients. In providing medical treatment, the hospital uses modern pathology machinery and advanced technologies.
The specialist hospital is equipped with an out-patient cardiology department, out-patient nephro-uro department, cardiovascular department, haemodialysis department, cardiac special intensive care department, emergency department and operating theatres.

Inaugurated in December 2017, more than 30 surgeries had been done in May within the operating rooms furnished.

Acknowledgments: We would like to thank our great partner Okkarthiri for this project.


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